Return Policy:

Lynch Mining, LLC: We only allow a 30 day return on "unopened bags of Pay dirt." If the purchaser decides to send an unopened bag of pay dirt back to Lynch Mining it will be opened and thoroughly investigated to make sure no fraudulent returns occur. Each unopened bag of pay dirt that is returned will be panned down to make sure no gold was stolen. In the case of a fraudulent return we will not issue you a refund and we will be forced to take legal action.

Signature Conformation: Every package shipped from Lynch Mining, LLC will obtain a signature conformation. Do not sign for your package if you can see physical damage to the shipping box. If you suspect the package or products inside to be damaged tell the postman you will not sign nor accept the package and to return it to the sender. The moment you sign for the package you take full ownership and are confirming that the package is in acceptable condition.  Once the package is signed for by the purchaser or an adult we cannot issue you a refund. Too many times have we had customers send back paydirt that had all the gold extracted and we will not allow this to proceed.

If you decide not to sign in order to accept the package, please email us at and we will get you another order shipped out as soon as possible. 

Shipping & Carriers:

We guarantee that each product shipped is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and that the shipping box or container is securely wrapped with tape to insure no gold, dirt, or panning material will leak out of the shipping package during transit. The moment the post office registers the package is the moment the package is out of our responsibility. 


Kindest Regards,

Rhett Lynch - CEO & Founder

Lynch Mining, LLC


Mailing Address & Return Address:

PO BOX 804

Higley AZ 85236


Last Updated: 9-1-2015