Congratulations to our Raffle Winners!

Christmas Day Raffle  2017

Main Prize = Black Label Paydirt

(Brian Fergusson)

2nd Prize = Gizmo Original Paydirt

(Kelly Nixon

August 1st Raffle Winners - Aug 1st, 2017

Main Prize = Reserve XL Jar

(Carol Haney) 

2nd Prize = Black Label Jar

(Doug Wade)

3rd Prize = Gizmo's Supremo Jar

(Caleb Willis)


Mother's Day Raffle - May 14th, 2017

Prize = BlackLabel PayDirt™

(Matt Miller)



Valentine's Day Raffle  - February 14th, 2017

Main Prize = BlackLabel PayDirt

(Christopher J. DeMille)

2nd Prize = Reserve PayDirt

(Cody Roden)

December 25th Raffle Winners 

Main Prize: Lisa Weber

(BlackLabel PayDirt)

2nd Prize: Tifany Lenoir

(Reserve PayDirt)

3rd Prize: Gerald Vanicek

(Supremo PayDirt)

4th Prize: Dennis Rocker

(Lynch Original PayDirt)

5th Prize: Michael Fail

(Belmont PayDirt)

Photos Coming Soon! 

November 24th Raffle Winners


Main Prize Winner: Mike Wittland  

Prize: Reserve PayDirt! 

2nd Place Winner: William Cline

Prize: Gizmo's Original PayDirt! 

3rd Place Winner: Robert Bailey

Prize: Lynch Original PayDirt

4th Place Winner: Wilfred Choquette

Prize: PayDirt 5lbs Vulture District. 

 **This is Wilfred's 2nd time Winning a Prize in Our Raffles**

October 31st Raffle Winners

Main Prize: Galen Winter 

Prize: BlackLabel PayDirt

2nd Place Winner: Michelle Soviero

Prize: Gizmo's Original PayDirt


 I would like to express my gratitude in winning your second place prize in your raffle. This is the first time in my life I have won anything and it could not have come at a better time. I tend to be superstitious and my mother just had surgery to remove brain cancer. I had asked for a sign that she was going to be OK. Then I get home to find a package from Lynch mining with a piece of paper inside that says "Congratulations you won!" I took that as a sign that we got the cancer. For three dollars and the opportunity to get golden pan for gold it's incredible to begin with but again the timing was even more special to me. 

So far I did half of the bag and have had 70 flakes weighing .23 grams. On a $3 raffle. I appreciate that you are honest and that this raffle is real. People always tell me I'm to nice and that I am to quick to believe people. See I am right I'll tell them this is proof! - Michelle Soviero

3rd Place Winner: Eugene Lysak 

Gold Prospectors Belt Buckle

October 1st Raffle Winner: Jay Bjustrom

Prize: Two Bags of Gizmo's Original PayDirt  

September 1st, 2016.

Raffle Main Prize Winner: Brian Groom

Prize: Lynch Mining-ReservePaydirt™ September 1st, 2016

2nd Prize Winner: Wilfred Choquette

Prize: Gizmo's Paydirt™ September 1st, 2016


 Thank you folks for letting me be a part of your world of prospecting and panning. Thanks to you folks I am gold panning in sunny Florida. Check the pictures out. I had a lot of fun panning this. It was very challenging. I got .5 grams of Gold and some green gems. - Wilfred Choquette

Ok folks, I am going for October 1-First place winner. You better buy up all the tickets you can if you want to win over me.

GOOD LUCK and have as much fun as I!  - Wilfred Choquette


August 1st Raffle Winner: Mark Stephen

Prize: Lynch Mining-ReservePaydirt™ August 1st, 2016

The July 4th Raffle Winners are...

Main Prize Winner : Rick Vincent

Prize-5 Grams in gold! - July 4, 2016


Thanks again, you guys are the best! - Rick Vincent


2nd Prize Winner : William Tetro

Prize-Lynch Mining Paydirt! July 4, 2016


That was the chunkiest bag I've ever panned and blue bowled...99% was +30mesh, good gold and pickers...I'm gonna start buying some bags just to see if they get better.  I buy local bags, but they've not been this good.  I'm curious and will buy more to see if they are this good, hopefully better on occasion.  My girlfriend loved the gems. - William Tetro

One more for yall, just dried it out, I'll have to needle point the black sands out, but almost 2g for a bag that guarantees 1g, that's nice! - William Tetro


3rd Prize Winner: Blaine Rich

Prize-24k 1 gram Bullion Bar! July 4, 2016