Monthly Subscription FAQ

I just signed up for a monthly pay dirt subscription. What happens next?

We will ship out every pay dirt membership order on the 15th of every month.

How can I tell where my pay dirt is coming from?

Every month we will send photos of your gold being mined. We will also send you a description and history of the land.

When will I receive my first subscription order? 

You will receive your first order within 3-4 days after the 15th of each month. 

What will my first order contain?

Depending on the subscription that you choose, your first order will contain gold paydirt a gold pan and vial. 

A'm I able to obtain multiple subscriptions to the same address? 

Yes, you are allowed to have multiple active subscriptions. 

Will my membership be canceled if my card gets declined?

We will attempt to contact you 3 times before we deactivate your monthly subscription. 

Do I have to reorder my dirt every month?

No, we will automatically charge your card each month

How do I track my shipments?

We will email you your conformation receipt along with the tracking number that you can use to track each package.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

You will need to call us at (877) 865-7449 or email us at

If I cancel my monthly subscription, will I loose all my benefits?

Yes, if you cancel your monthly subscription you will automatically forfeit your membership benefits. 

Does your organization ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, North America & Europe. please call

 (877) 865-7449 or email us at if you live outside USA or Canada.