LC CLAIMS #1-#6-Private


Gold Bend-SOLD

Owner: Lynch Mining, LLC

This 20 acre mining claim in Yavapai County, Arizona. It is a lode claim case type. It is owned by Rhett Lynch. Ownership and use of this claim is overseen by the Bureau of Land Management's Hassayampa Field Office under the serial number AMC435574. The last action for this claim—accounting advise in lead file—occured on December 18, 2015. Information on the claim was last updated on January 26, 2016.

Gold, Platinum, Copper, Silver & Uranium.

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Gold Bend # 1 is a 20 acre unpatented lode claim located in Yavapai County, about 65 miles north-east of Phoenix and about 14 miles east of I-17 towards Bloody Basin. A spring fed creek creates intermittent pools, in some areas to a depth of 3 feet. The balance of the creek bed is covered with several feet of alluvium and boulders. Narrow gold-copper quartz veins that pinch and swell along strike are exposed in the bedrock and along the banks of the creek bed. The area along the creek is extremely brushy and thorny possibly hiding many veins.


On the Gold Bend #1 claim the host rock is a medium grained weakly altered granite traversed by narrow mafic dikes. During our prospecting of the creek bed area we dug out boulders of copper-quartz rich vein material in the range of 200 pounds. Upon breaking these up I estimated 2-5% chryscolla, sparse azurite and malachite. Crushing some of the fines we could see fine particles of gold with the aid of a hand lens. The veins strike in a north-south direction and dip almostvertically. We have traced some of these veins for more then a mile. There are several past producing patented lode mines within two miles of this claim.

BWG Claims

Owner: Lynch Mining, LLC

The two BWG Claims are both 20 acre unpatented placer claims located in the Phoenix area of Arizona. These beautiful claims got there names from the blue-gray schist basement rock that cuts through the length of the claim and the adjoining claim from west to east. The schist is very ragged locally and provides a great natural trap for collecting gold, much like a giant sluice box. 


Gold fines to flakes & Pickers  are found in the main washes, especially if one digs down to or near bedrock. The cracks, fractures and crevices yield the best results with a gas powered shop vac to suck out the paydirt. Several of the small gulches that drain into the main washes produced larger pieces (pickers and small nuggets). Placer gold can be recovered in the gulches and desert washes. Heavy monsoon storms have moved thousands of cubic yards of material, exposing areas that have been concealed for many years.


Smith King - Private

Red Rock #2 - Forfeited

Last Hope Mine - Forfeited 

Red Vulture - Forfeited