Gizmo's Paydirt Supremo Clean Up Video Review

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September 11, 2016

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And GOLDPALOOZA continues! Ok, I know this is probably going to be a very late post as youtube is giving me fits. I’ve been trying to upload my videos for 3 hours now and right when they close to finishing something goes wrong, an error or timeout, ugh. So that is why this post is coming out so late as is the youtube video.

The good news is I still have a ton of paydirt to review this month. Will have two more from LynchMining on the 15th and 20th and then an ebay sellers review on the 25th. On the 30th I am going to be reviewing another piece of mining equipment but not sure what yet. But the next day on the 1st I will start my reviews all over again, but only 3 in October.

Also if you haven’t noticed I have updated the ROI list on the left. I have removed any sites which are closed now. I have decided to leave up sites or reviews which might no longer be sold because it still shows what the seller has sold in the past.

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The Review:

Well, today again is all about Gizmo! This time, it’s LynchMining’s Gizmo’s Supremo paydirt, and boy was it really Supremo with a final gold count of 1.6 grams!  While this paydirt does have 1 gram of gold added, it means the paydirt had 0.6 grams which still is about a 45% ROI which is great when you know another gram will be added.  Again the paydirt was super clean until you got to the really super fine dirt (under 40 mesh). The paydirt was compromised of equal parts over 30 and under 30 mesh dirt.

The Gold was again mostly in the bigger size with far more in the over 20 mesh then below 20 mesh. In fact, I would consider the Supremo a supersized regular Gizmo bag. Most of the gold came in the under 10, over 20 mesh size, while the regular Gizmos most was in the under 20, over 30 size. So all of the gold was a little bigger and that is one thing nobody will complain about. This makes the Gizmos paydirt an obvious choice for beginners or anyone who just wants a FUN bag of paydirt. I was super impressed with LynchMining and really can’t wait to open up the Reserve and the Black Label reserve. I am even trying to convince the wife to let me order some of the LynchMining Unsearched paydirt.
Gizmo’s Pay Dirt ended with mostly high stars, I only gave them 3 stars for panning difficulty but that’s not always a bad thing (Higher the stars more difficult). The ROI ended at 5 stars which makes me a true believer of LynchMining (1/2 star per 10% ROI).